We Produce, Co-produce and Executive Produce. As a blended Production company, we develop and produce creative projects with business and legal affairs expertise.

Planispheres is also a consultancy providing and busiess and legal affairs services for the film, television and digital media.

This includes copyright issues, talent agreements and how to present creative ideas to funding sources, both public and private.
Familiar with the contractual elements involved in content production and how projects are financed.

Services includes checklistingfor:
• Development Deals
• Scriptwriters
• Options for adaptations, screenplaysand underlying rights
• Talent Agreements
• Qualifying British 'Films','High End TV Drama' and 'Animation' eligibility & the culture tests
• Feature Film Distribution Deals- is your distribution deal bankable?
• Bank Gap Financing
• Completion bonds
• Negative Pick-up Agreements
• Sales Agency Agreements

Planispheres can help you to:

promote your creative ideas professionally within the industry

develop your relationships for future productions

put together rights deals on a wide range of platforms

Planispheres understands what reassures banks and other financiers and what risks they are and are not prepared to take; how to minimise those risks and how to best present the commercial aspects of your production

The multidisciplinary and professional skills to help you fund, completeand commercially exploit your independent features, television programmes and digital content

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