Planispheres repesents new and established film makers at major markets and festivals including:

The Berlin International Film Festival and the Co-production Market-
Co-production Market project budgets €2-€4m with 30% finance in place

The CineMart Co-production Market and the Rotterdam International Film Festival -
Co-Production Market project budgets €500,000 - €2m with 20-25% finance in place

The Cannes International Film Festival -

The Edinburgh International Film Festival -
The London International Film Festival -
BFI Flare: London LGBT Film Festival

The IDFA - International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam -
Sunny Side of the Doc - International Documentary Market La Rochelle
The Sheffield International Documentary Festival - & Britdoc

Planispheres is a member of PACT the Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television


We have a great range of projects in development, production and post-production with our co-production partners:

Outspoken | One hour Broadcast Documentary | 2018 | UK, Africa, Asia and Polynesia | Format: HD Canon XF 300
International documentary in post-production with Outspoken Films, Sarita Siegel and Alchemy Films. Executive producers Malcolm Moore and Run DMC. Seeking post production funding. Worldwide rights available.
Planisphere's second creative documentary with the award winning Alchemy Films with Malcolm as executive producer, about the growing wave of rap activists who 'step up to the mike' to demand change in the world.

Developed with Planispheres and the assistance of the European Documentary Network with the support of the MEDIA Programme. Selected by the UKFC and Skillset for the UK Producers Lab on European Co-Productions at the Berlin Co-production Market.

Our desire to articulate our place in the world, remains as valid today as it did before the written word: Outspoken' journeys to the backyards, clubs and shantytowns of Africa, Asia and Polynesia to highlight a growing wave of rap artists who 'step up to the mic' to celebrate and reinforce their identity, represent their community, prod the 'powers-that-be' and protest. With stories that intersect and overlap as each rhyme artist touches the lives of other, we are able to assess rap's global significance by focusing on how it transmits and adapts to suit specific places, people and struggles.

- “We are the memory of mankind: by the spoken word we bring to life the exploits of kings for younger generations” – Mamadou Kouyate.

An exploration of the cultural, political and social inspiration of global rap poetry and its roots in ancient oral traditions. From Polynesia to Mexico and from Africa to the East End in London, we celebrate how spontaneous poets use rap to express their own stories, in their own cultures. We learn how spoken art traditions and social commentary have become a vital part of youth identity. By unraveling links to the past we discover that rap is much more than the provocative entertainment marketed by corporate music publishers.

Fire Burn Babylon | Documentary | 57 mins | 2010 | UK
An Alchemy Films production in association with Planispheres. Written, directed and produced by Sarita Siegel. Executive produced and co-produced by Malcolm Moore.

FreeStyle Life Film Exhibition' Audience Award, Online Premier 2012
Bronze Palm Award, Finalist Africa World Documentary Film Festival, St Louis, USA 2011
in competition Aruba International Film Festival 10 -16 June 2011
Bronze Palm Award, Mexico International Film Festival 2010
Making A Difference Award, Honorable mention COMMFFEST AWARDS, Toronto Canada 2010

Rokumentti Rock Film Festival' Finland Nov 2012. Nominated best music score Jamaica Reggae Film Festival 2012, One Love Festival, Kent, 2012. SENE Film, Music and Arts Festival 2012, Freestyle Life Film Festival 2012, Beefeater In-Edit: Festival Internacional de Cine Documental  Musical de Barcelona - market. 2011 Docuwest, Docutah, HBO New York Latino Film Festival,Broadcast on Carib Vision through out the Caribbean and the NY tri state in late 2012. The Jamaica Reggae Film Festival: 'World Tour' May 2012, London East End Film Festival 2011, WorldFilm Festival of Visual Culture, Tartu, Estonia 2011. DocuWest International Documentary Film Festival, September 2011, Colorado, USA. The HBO funded New York International Latino Festival 16-21 August 2011 which Sarita was invited to attend. Aruba International Film Festival 10 -16 June 2011 when it screened in competition in their Caribbean Spotlight series which Sartia also attended. It received special mention and Johnathann Demme said he had huge prasie for it, as reported in Screen International. Inaugural Open City London Documentary Festival 16-19 June 2011 followed by a Q&A, London East End Film Festival May 2011, WorldFilm Festival of Visual Culture, Tartu, Estonia 2011, Wisconsin Film Festival 2011, San Diego Black Film Festival, 2011, Africa World Documentary Film Festival, St Louis, USA 2011, Black History Month, London 2010, International Women’s Film Festival, Miami 2010, Portobello Film Festival 2010, Jamaica Reggae Film Festival 2010, Aspekty Film Festival Poland 2010, Mexico International Film Festival 2010, COMMFFEST AWARDS, Toronto Canada 2010. (updated 12.01.13) ‘mighty-lions-of-Judah’ remain true to their spiritual identity?

Distributed by TVF International, Freestyle Life, Gaiam and Collective Eye. Licensed to CaribVision – broadcast in Germany, the New York Tri-State and throughout the Caribbean.

A cautionary tale of how Montserrat’s Rastafarians adjust to life in England after a volcanic eruption devastates their island. Forced to leave their Caribbean paradise where they live in spiritual retreat, they evacuate to London which they see as an oppressive concrete jungle and the heart of ‘Babylon’. Opportunities in music, employment and personal lives present themselves, yet success and self-realisation seem to be just beyond their grasp, as they pitch between enjoying the thrills of the city and committing to the temperance that Rastafari extols.

The city’s currents begin to sweep them further and further from their core values and collective identity, and they drift deeper into troubled lives. They reinvent themselves as 'rude-boy' rappers and small time hustlers on the nightclub circuit.
Will their dreams of celebrity be realised before the law catches up with them?
Can these ‘mighty-lions-of-Judah’ remain true to their spiritual identity?

The independently financed production has picked up its 3rd international award the FreeStyle Life Film Exhibition' Audience Award, Online Premier 2012. The 2nd at Commffest - the Global Community Film Festival now in its 5th year the festival was held in Toronto, Canada in September 2010 and Sarita's film was given honourable mention with a MADA award. Selected by a jury panel, the handcrafted awards are given to filmmakers whose work demonstrates the ability to make a difference. The Festival engages in a dialogue of social issues and cultural exchange through the powerful language of film in all genres. Its main objective is to bring communities together to increase awareness and understanding that we are more alike than not. (updated 15.10.10)

Selected for the Bronze Palm award at the Mexico International Film Festival, May 2010. Invited for screeening at the 5th Women’s International Film & Arts Festival (WIFF) in Miami USA 23rd March - 3rd April 2010 - A unique, cultural event featuring films, visual and performance arts and other artistic expressions by women. Also screened in the run up to the Black Filmmaker (bfm) International Film Festival (IFF), in October 2009 as part of Black History Month showcase in London. The festival is the leading and longest running platform for Black World Cinema in the UK which features narratives, documentaries and short films from the UK, Africa, the Caribbean, the US, Canada and Europe. A sneak preview was also shown to a sell out audience at the East End Film Festival, Genesis Theatre, Mile End in London in 2009. Described as a brave and honest piece of filmmaking a lively Q & A followed with the filmmaker Sarita and participants Lyndon, Ishaka and Makabius. (updated 20.02.10)

Sarita Siegel has produced and directed award-winning documentaries and dramatic features for over 12 years. Including associate producer on “The Real Dirt On Farmer John” for US PBS, IDFA award winner, and writer director, producer on ”The Disenchanted Forest” a National Geographic film for NGCI and Nat Geo US narrated by Brooke Shields. Also sold to ARTE, Fuji TV, France 5 and Discovery Canada amongst others. Won 2nd Best Primate Film, International Primatological Society 2008, as well as finalist for Best Newcomer Award, Jackson Hole Film Festival and Commendation in the Genisis Awards.

In The Shadow Of Giants | 52 mins & 80 mins | Documentary | Format: HD | UK USA | 2016
International co-production in late development with Alchemy Films and the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA and in association with Planispheres.
Directed and produced by Sarita Siegel. Producers Gregg Mitman, Malcolm Moore. Executive producer Judith Helfand, DP - Adrian Warren, Editor - Greg Snider.

Kathi Austin, UN investigator and one of the world’s foremost authorities on arms trafficking, seeks to understand the causes of human-elephant conflict. A guns-for-ivory trade investigation which uncovers the profound and far reaching effects of conflict on individual elephants and elephant culture. Drawing on nearly a century of scientific research documenting the behaviour of elephants in Africa we are encouraged to reflect on how the history of violence and conflict has lasting repercussions for individual and cultural survival — both of elephants and humans and how and our fates are intertwined

A parallel story of two cultures who once lived together, are now caught in conflict. Racked by one of the worst droughts in decades, the Turkana tribe in northern Kenya and Uganda have been forced from their traditional migratory pastoral lifestyle to a largely sedentary existence, farming on marginal lands. At the same time, the elephants of the area have seen their traditional migration routes closed off by human settlement and their cultures and social hierarchies decimated by the ivory trade and conflict with their human neighbors. This film chronicles the tensions and overlapping stories of these two cultures, both on the verge of extinction and both caught in much larger webs of climate change, global trade, and war. In the end, where once the Turkana people migrated in the footsteps of elephants now both elephants and humans will have to find new ways of living together on a changing planet.

Selected for development with the assistance of the European Documentary Network and the DocLisboa International Documentary Film Festival. After securing funding from the University of Wisconsin and private equity, a trailer was shot in Africa on HD. The production has also secured the support of Save the Elephants Foundation, founded by one of the world's foremost authorities on the African elephant, Iain Douglas-Hamilton. The documentary is being produced with Gregg Mitman who established the film festival ‘Tales of Planet Earth’ and a new environmental filmmaking course. He is also a professor and respected historian of science and medicine, and wrote one of the definitive books on natural history filmmaking “Reel Nature: America’s Romance with Wildlife on Film”.

One of a series of works-in-progress which were screened as part of Tales From Planet Earth three-day festival 6-8 November 2009. Tales creator and co-Producer Gregg Mitman was in attendance for the international panel discussion on the alarming phenomenon of climate change refugees. The TfPE festival showcases environmental films from around the world at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. (updated 30.11.12)

Sparks and Embers | Feature Film | Romantic Comedy | 84 mins | 2014 | UK
A Cinemagine production completed in July 2014. Sale agent Stealth Media, worldwide rights available. Planispheres provided business and legal affairs services to the London based production company Cinemagine and made introductions to raise the budget with an EIS and private equity.

Gavin Boyter's feature debut as writer and director, with Benjamin Craig as producer and Alan Latham producer and executive producers Omar Todd, Kirsty Bell, Christopher Mould, Jason Garrett, David Rogers, Paul Rogers and Nigel Thomas.
With Kris Marshal as the male lead and Annelise Hesme French actress plays the female lead 'Paris', 'Moliere', and 'Alexander' best known in the UK as the face of France in the Renault Clio 'England vs France' TV campaign.

"Old flames are hard to extinguish' Tom and Eloise meet in inauspicious circumstances, trapped in a stuck lift after Eloise has Tom fired. Nevertheless, sparks fly. 5 years later, they have broken up and Eloise is going back to France. Tom has 45 minutes to win her back.
A sparkling romantic comedy in the vein of Richard Linklater’s “Before Sunrise” and “Before Sunset”

The Stolen Sun | Feature Film | Action Drama | 93 mins | 2016 | UK
"A Warrior reborn as a peaceful man, embarks on an elemental journey into the heart of darkness, to save his stolen son. A poetic, spiritual, Celtic warrior saga set in the Ancient World".

The independently financed feature is in late development early pre-production to shoot Spring/Summer 2016, with Planispheres' Malcolm Moore engaged as executive producer on Peter Cadwell's second feature with LFS trained international director Tony Ukpo, casting director and producer Jane Frisby and international cinematographer and LFS graduate Yoske Kato. Malcolm was awarded a Creative Skillset "Management and Leadership" film professional scholarship, after being selected by Peacefulfish from over 50 European producers to repesent the project to seven international equity investors at the Investitonsbank in Berlin in December 2014.

The Fighters Ballad | Feature Film | 99 mins | 2010 |UK
Planispheres assisted with pre-production, the production agreements and the finance arrangements for Peter Cadwell's feature debut adapted from his prizewinning stage play.

An independent feature film starring Clive Russell and Peter Cadwell, Directed by Tony Sebastian Ukpo, Produced by Jane Frisby, Screenplay by Peter Cadwell (adapted from his prizewinning stage play). Original score by Samuel Karl Bohn.

The film has secured an east Coast US theatrical release after picking up three International awards: Best Feature Film, Best Actor Peter Cadwell and Best Screenplay Peter Cadwell at the John Paul II International Film Festival' Nov 2012, Miami, Florida USA.Official Selection: 'John Paul II International Film Festival' Miami 2012, 'London Independent Film Festival' 2012 Official Selection 'Cornwall Film Festival' 2011.

The Mirror Boy | Feature Film | Fantasy Drama | 87 mins | 2011 | UK Nigeria Gambia
Planispheres assisted by providing business and legal affairs services and co-production advice.

A Obi Emelonye film with OH Films in association with the Nollywood Factory. Producer Patrick Campbell, Director Writer Obi Emelonye. Staring Genevieve Nnaji, Osita Iheme and Fatima Jabbe. Gordon Irole line producer, Fatima Jabbe associate producer, Akin Salami, executive producer.

The award winning fantasy drama held it's world premier in a sell out screening in Leicester Sq London UK. Nominated for three African Movie Academy Awards (AMAAs) 2011, Edward Kagutuzi won an AMAA for his outstanding performance.

Ollie Kepler’s Expanding Purple World | Feature Fim | UK | 90 mins | 2010 | Format: HD
Planispheres assisted developing the business plan as well as during pre-production and post-production.

An independent feature film written and directed by Viv Fongenie which has at its heart a human story of genuine social significance. Compelling, moving, at times hilarious, ‘Ollie Kepler’s Expandin Purple World’ is a blistering account of a young man’s descent into madness and emergence from it. Distinctive and daring,

An impressive cast was assembled including Bafta and Golden Globe nominee Cathy Tyson, star of the hit film ‘Mona Lisa’ and multi award-winning TV series ‘Band Of Gold’ and Ed Hogg, selected by Screen International, the industry’s leading trade journal, as one of the rising stars of tomorrow. Ed starred alongside Carrie Fisher in the US set feature film ‘White Lightnin' which screened to critical acclaim at Sundance in 2010.

Viv’s script generated an exceptional response from the industry with actors, agents and production executives being won over by its freshness, warmth and sheer originality. Finalist in competition for the prestigious Michael Powell award for best British feature at the Edinburgh International Film festival 2010 recognising imagination and creativity judged by an international jury. Viv is also developing a new feature with Margaret Matheson at Bard Entertainments and L.A. based producer Sean McKittrick, producer of the cult classic ‘Donnie Darko’. Viv Fongenie wrote and directed his first feature, “Let's Stick together”, which won several prizes - including Best Film - at international film festivals around the world. In 2002 Viv was invited to Canada by the British Council as an emerging British director and has worked on scripts with the BBC, FilmFour and the UKFC.

This Is What It Is | Feature Fim | Drama | 94 mins | 2008 | UK
A La Famiglia feature film debut, written, directed and produced by Christian Solimeno, cinematography by the award winning Bruce Melhuish. Executive producer, Malcolm Moore.

This is what it is reflects on love from the male side of the fence. Cass a self-confessed nostalgia junkie tries to come to terms with losing the great love of his life Kelly. Set over eighteen months we follow Cass as he at first struggles with the separation and the constant reminders of Kelly. His friends on the other hand do what friends do...drag him back out on the town. Six months later and Cass is bitter and out of control as he pursues every girl he comes into contact with. His memories of Kelly are fading fast. Finally 18 months have passed and Cass has a new lease of life and a new girlfriend and all is going well until he bumps into Kelly and is forced to realise that he is living a lie.

"An engaging example of cinema at its most emotive. Solimeno is definitely a director who walks the talk". Billy Chainsaw, film critic.

Other La Famiglia films are "Mash Up" the international acclaimed short film written and directed by Jesse Lawrence, Screen International Rising Star (business and legal affairs, Planispheres). "Not Here Now" an experimental short film that plays with narrative structure. "Forgot Me Vest" a wonderful insight in to Britain's Amateur Boxing told from within the world famous Fitzroy Lodge and finally the highly acclaimed documentary series "Don't Hate Me Because..."produced for Channel 4 television. Christian Solimeno is a upcoming producer and an award winning actor, screenwriter and director with the UK based La Famiglia production company. His acting credits include the films "Highlander" "The Source", "Dario Argento's Third Mother" and "Tuesday". Cristian's written and directed plays for the theatre group Firewater Productions. Additional writing credits include "Tame" for Channel 4 and he has directed programmes for Channel 4. Cristian's latest short film "Love" won best short film at Gijon.

Deep in the Deal | Creative Documentary | UK USA | 2016
In post production with Nancy Cohen, Lambstar Productions (USA) and Planispheres.

The film involves in-depth interviews including Richie Havers - the opening act at Woodstock in '69, Gloria Streinem, Mike Leigh, Eddie Izzard, Paul Krassner, Helen Caldicott and many others, with the support of pioneering filmmaker, film critic and poet Jonas Mekas. Presented through an Alice in Wonderland-like lens, the film spins out from the personal story and becomes a patchwork of different voices and perspectives on the state of our species. It's a search to find what ever fragments of the dream of peace and harmony still exist. Experiencing a sense of nostalgia for the orginal Woodstock festival Nancy asks if the purity and innocence of those heady days can ever come again.“Deep in the Deal” is one woman's quest to rediscover the spiritual idealism of the sixties and make sense of her dream of peace.

Nancy Cohen is a writer, director and producer whose first film was the award-winning documentary "My Dinner with Abbie", which premiered at the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, the JungForum in Berlin and the AFI in Los Angeles. The film went on to win best in the catergory "Struggle for Human Rights and Justice" at Vermont Earthpeace Documentary Festival. Invited to attend Berlinale, the first Annual Berlin Talent Campus, Nancy's work has featured at international film festivals around the world and broadcast on both side of the Altantic by Channel 4 and PBS. Finalist for the 2006 Tribecca Film Festival, winner of the New York Public Library, Martin Luther King "I have a Dream" essay competition, and finalist for the Roy Dean New Zealand Writing Grant. Nancy is a poet and artist with her work appearing in galleries in London and New York.

Planispheres - a potential UK co-production partner for current and future productions. By bringing together creative talent and the business side of the industry Planispheres assists filmakers realise their commerical potential and help navigate the production finance deal

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